Our Story

Why are we called "StarNetPro" and what do we do?


We treat every busines as a small star with great potential that needs to be developed in this spiral galaxy of competitiveness. Thanks to StarNetPro, your star will shine with new power.


We know the power of the Internet and social networks in promoting business. We know which tools to use and how to use them to make your star become popular and recognizable in the Internet space.


Our team specializes in social media strategy, social content creation, influencer marketing, social advertising and chatbots in messenger. It’s our mission to help our clients achieve a strong ROI from their social efforts by implementing an innovative content strategies with tried and tested analytical formulas.

We are also distinguished by the fact that we specialize in promoting the brand in various markets and in many languages. You do not have to look for agencies in every country and worry about matching the style of your profiles on social networks. Our multilingual Starnetpro team will take care of this.